About Lower Downtown Denver / LoDo

LoDo is the Lower Downtown area of Denver, the oldest and original settlement of the city.  The area serves as a great example of success in urban revitalization and reinvestment as a mixed-use historic district.

As you meander through LoDo, youíll seamlessly move between beautiful, historically preserved buildings and amazing new lofts and retail, amongst some of the best dining, entertainment, nightlife, and shopping in town.  Lower Downtown is truly a blend of Western history and modern living.

There are two common boundaries for LoDo Denver:  the legal, zoning boundary that encompasses the Lower Downtown Historic District and the social/economic boundary that represents LoDoís influence and relationships between the heart of the Historic District and its immediately adjacent areas.  The legal boundary of the Lower Downtown Historic District is roughly from 20th street down to Speer Boulevard, and from Wewatta up to Larimer Street.  The social boundaries of the area loosely known as LoDo extend to Riverfront Park and the Central Platte Valley to the northwest, the Auraria Campus to the southwest, and the Prospect, Ballpark, and Upper Larimer/River North areas to the northeast.  Itís more difficult to draw a dividing line on the southeast side of LoDo, as you spill into the Central Business District or Downtown, but many businesses and professionals use Curtis Street as the boundary of LoDo.

Lower Downtown Denver / LoDo


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