Land Banking - Investing in Your Future

    "Don't wait to buy Land... buy Land and wait!"  Roy Rogers

We find that people in vastly different generations share common concerns: They are disappointed in their investment returns and are uncertain when they can afford to retire.

After years of hard work, people hope retirement will be a time of relaxation. Yet, despite doing all the right things – fully funding a 401k, buying a house, managing debt – 51 percent of American’s have less than $100,000 saved for retirement. Many Americans are not living the dream. They’re living a nightmare.

There’s a solution that can bring financial security to your life. Land Banking offers a unique opportunity to diversify your investments so you aren’t fully dependent on the volatility of the market. You can own a real asset, with legal title to your property. We all know there’s a finite amount of land on this earth. With predicted population increases, it’s not surprising that developers are snatching up the remaining land. Consider the scenario in Southern California:

    Twelve million more people are predicted to move in to California in the next 15 years.
    There are currently enough homes for only 2 percent of these people.
    There’s a lack of affordable housing in major cities like San Diego and Los Angeles.

Why invest in pre-developed land? Many of the wealthiest Americans made their fortunes investing in land BEFORE the development took place. Land Banking today is perfect for middle income people.

You hold title to a real asset and you have a great hedge against inflation.

With Velur’s 3 Points of Service, you are not only mentored through the buying process, but you are kept abreast of changes that happen throughout the year and most importantly, at the time of sale, we will coach you through the process.

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